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ARTICLE: Little Girl Awakens From Coma Addicted to Saying the Words Dick and Apple

QUIZ: Which Phony Accent Do You Use the Most?

VIDEO: 9 Cats Reunite With Their Owners. Watch as Nothing Happens

BLOG: I Rode with Hundreds of Bicyclists All Wearing Biking Clothes While Participating in an Annual World

Bike Ride

BLOG: I Spent 6 Months Living off Claw Machine Winnings and Have Never Been Happier

ARTICLE: There’s a Group of People Who Wish They Were Born on June 6th, But For No Particular Reason

ARTICLE: Why Your Hugs Might Be Making Everyone Uncomfortable

(Illustrate hug styles throughout article, e.g. zombie hug, side hug, intrusive sexual hug)

LIST: 25 Photo-shopped Pictures of People Who Look Better Now

LIST: 6 and 9 Learning Disabilities You Wish You Could Have

LIST: 5 Postal Workers Who Fell in Love With Civilian Apartment Renters and Made Beautiful Half Postal

Worker Babies

ARTICLE: An Almost Extinct Vole Has People Harvesting and Eating Its Finger Nails

BLOG: I Sent an Open Letter to All the Dead People I Know on Social Media. It Was the Most Depressing

Thing I’ve Ever Done

LIST: 14 of the Best Landfills Your Homeless Uncle Never Told You About

LIST: 8 Ways to Use Memory Foam Other Than For Sleeping On

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